Emily Bett Rickards

Rickards was born and raised on the West coast of Canada. Beginning her career path at a young age, she introduced herself to musical theatre and dance, with the hope that in the future she would introduce herself to more serious acting. So she graduated from high school early and attended the Vancouver Film School to complete the Acting Essentials Program. Following the completion of the program, she attended an open call audition which earned her an agent.

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  1. Loretta Harris

    Hello. I don’t know if this will or can be answered, but while watching the Arrow television show, I just loved the eyeglasses you wear. Is it possible to get the name and manufacturer of the frames? You look so great in them, and I’m looking for a unique pair. Thank you so much for your time. Appreciate it.

  2. Samson

    Hi Emily…
    Just letting you know that I have a ‘CRUSH’ on you,just watching,’ARROW’.
    You don’t have to go out with me,be my friend,marry me or get to know me if you desire…..but just email me back and say ‘hi’,true beauty does exist and that will be good enough for me.
    Thank you.

  3. Dingchao

    Hello. Well, I don’t know what is this site, I’m in ” green arrow ” to see you, and then search results you, come out of this site. I saw some messages, as you can see, so I want to stay. In the ” green arrow “, I very love you. You are not only very beautiful, but also in the drama of character and manner of speaking I like very much. I think you played great. One I thought I could talk with you I will be very happy. My English is not very good, hope there will not be many mistakes that you cannot read.

  4. Иван

    My english bad.
    Thank you for serial “Arrow”!

    Эмили, спасибо Вам, за вклад в сериал “Стрела”. Играете бесподобно! Вы самая запоминающаяся, харизматичная и очаровательная актриса!

  5. Leo

    Hi,i saw u in ARROW and i like u very much.then i searched online.
    i am chinese so u know my english is poor.
    Looking forward to your performance

  6. william

    Emily i just want to say i watch areo every week and i really enjoy your acting and you are a very pretty woman good luck in your career i k ow you will be in a lot of movies in the future

  7. Tanhow Chan

    Hi,Emily,do you know it is hard to search you on the Internet?I am your fans,and I really like Felicity Smoke. We call her IT GIRL. Really, I love your red glasses in ARROW, and you,of course! Well, I just want to say, loving you ,all the time.

  8. Luke

    Emily, I am just curious what sort of schooling you did and where you are from, You have a fantastic onscreen presences that feels very authentic and I am curious if that is you as a person or something you learned in your time on stage. Thanks! and Keep Awesoming!

  9. Darryka

    Love you on the show can you please let me know what brand is your glasses I really love them too!!!!

  10. Franklin

    I am your number one fan and i just love you….you are extremley beatiful and just simply amazing…u make arrow worth watching…please email me and just say hi…it would mean the world to me…love you…. thnx

  11. Manny

    Raising stars in the TV business are many, only a few, you among them, that have personality, presence and strong character combined with a beautiful face generous in gestures and acting. I really hope you, my girl, keep growing as an actor to become in the near future a central character in movies and TV. Gorgeous looks combined with strong feelings and natural personality, what a great combination !

  12. David

    I have no idea where this message goes, or if Emily will ever read it. I’m inspired to write because I found Felicity on Arrow so fascinating. I love the nerdy and computer geek persona, in such a sweet girl. I spent a few years working in Vancouver, and I’m pretty sure I never saw Emily/Felicity around, because I’d remember that. So my question Emily, should you ever read this, is: are you similar in real life to that perfect nerdy sweet Felicity, or are you just another regular pretty actress?

  13. Raoul

    Bonjour Emily,

    Quand je regarde “arrow”, je suis subjuguée par votre personne, mélange de charme et de beauté intelligente.
    Je suis très content que votre personnage ai évolué et prenne plus de place dans la série.
    Vous êtes formidable. Je vous souhaite de grand succès.

  14. ironic mena

    I want to say I love you
    and your the most beautifullest girl i ever seen
    and your birthday is before mine , i loved you on arrow too
    and your an amazing person much love ironic

  15. cap

    Emily, when you became a member of the Arrow cast you really brightened up the series. I am routing for you and Oliver to become a couple on the show. Also you wear a lipstick on the show that looks orchid or a shade of purple/pink. I would love to know the brand and color. That lipstick looks very pretty on you, as a matter of fact on the internet the pictures of you in the show are ones with that lipstick on. I am very happy your status has changed to a regular member of the cast. Thanks and looking forward to the new season of Arrow.

  16. Larry

    You have really brightened up the show Arrow. Such a beautiful lady and grew up just accross the border from me in Blaine WA. Wish you all the luck in your future, I think you will become a big star.

  17. michael

    Hi emily, you are a very good actress. I am proud of you ! you made it to to the big time. i just wanted to say you will make all canadians proud. I am one also. have a long prosperous career.

  18. esa hagi


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